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'Snazzy Socks' Memorial Bench

By edward.
Memorial Bench in Red

Keith Poynton was popular for various reasons. He was a loving husband, a great dad, an avid cricket fan and a hardworking businessman. He was also a family friend to our managing director, Edward Sloane, and so when Ed was personally asked to create a memorial bench in Keith’s honour, he couldn’t resist adding a part of Keith’s special and unique personality. Ed always saw Keith wearing ‘snazzy socks’ and thought it was fitting that the bench should pay tribute in such a way. Brightly coloured socks were a favourite of Keith’s and they are now being produced to raise money in his memory for the Cricket Derbyshire Foundation.

Celebrity Feature: chosen to be part of Elton John’s set.

By andy.
Balmoral Bench

Last August, received an email from Sir Elton John’s design team, Banana Split, asking for some of our painted benches. We were more than happy to oblige and so we delivered 8 of our painted lutyens benches to the Grosvenor. Sir Elton John was performing a set for a couple’s wedding reception and he personally requested our benches to be part of the stage set. This wasn’t the first time our benches have been associated with weddings, although it was one of our high profile case studies.