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Garden Bench Security

By andy.
Bench Security Anchor Kit

Remember our benches are for life, not just for a Summer!!! You have bought one of our teak, banana wood or painted benches possibly for your own garden or as a memorial to a loved one and of course you want to protect it and secure it from vandals and the elements.

Our Contribution to Sustainable Forests

By andy.
Sustainable Forests with

Here at we have a host of beautiful benches on offer from plain to painted, contemporary to traditional and you can purchase absolutely any of them safe in the knowledge that we ensure the plantations the wood is taken from is sustained. We understand the need for looking after our forests and woodland, and it’s important that our customers know this.

Remembrance with a Memorial Bench

By andy.

Memorial Bench Blog Post Img

A Memorial bench is a wonderful way of celebrating the life of a loved one. To have the bench situated near the grave of a family member is a great source of comfort to all friends and relatives who may visit. We offer a wide range of such benches from our extensive collection.

The Perfect Anniversary Gift

By andy.
Balmoral Bench

Are you and your siblings fighting over what to get your mum and dad for their anniversary? Why not look at a one of our Garden Benches to commemorate their special occasion?

We can offer engraving or inscriptions services as well delivery on the day you want. Most of our benches are suitable for anniversaries but the ones that really stand out for us are our Lutyens and Balmoral collections, strong, aesthetically pleasing and above all else comfortable.

What exactly is a Couples Bench?

By andy.
Couples bench

If you asked your friends, would they know or would their first port of call be looking it up on Google? They would look it up on Google! They would probably be a little surprised by the images of Couples Benches that they would see, as it’s not really a bench in the format that we would normally recognise it.

Traditional Garden Benches

By andy.

Traditional Garden Bench

Teak benches are definitely the in thing at present, being durable and good looking and flat armed garden benches are reaching an all time high. If you think of a traditional bench as old damp wood, a little chipped, worn and uncomfortable, it’s...

Lutyens Bench Covers

By andy.


Protect Your Lutyens Bench

It’s certainly no surprise that when you search for garden benches on the internet one of the most popular and exclusive type of bench one can buy is the Lutyens garden bench. Inspired by the World renowned Sir Edwin...

A Garden Seat For Christmas?

By andy.

Welcome to our GardenBenches.Com first blog and what a good time to shout our arrival to the whole of the UK and beyond.

You will all be starting to get your Christmas cards ready and commence the writing of lists for Christmas gifts. Mums and...