Teak Garden Benches

By edward.

Summer Bench

Furniture is key to making any house feel like a home, and the same goes for a garden. The addition of a bench to an outside space allows people to relax, and the wood used for the seat can have a huge impact on the experience. Garden Benches are...

How to Maintain a Memorial Bench Through Winter

By edward.

Balmoral Garden Benc 180 45

Memorial benches are not uncommon sights across the UK. A fitting tribute in so many ways, many people choose to place the bench, commemorating a loved one in a favourite spot. 

But no bench is immune to the vagaries of the unpredictable...

Design Ideas for a Walled Garden

By edward.

Walled Garden

The walled garden was once the main stay of garden design, especially in sections of estates and larger gardens. As a design, there is a pleasing resurgence and one that many people are looking to recreate.

But how can you create a walled garden?...

8 Ways Your Family Will Benefit from a Garden Bench

By edward.

Joshua On The Bench

(Image: theoliversmadhouse)

For any family time in the garden is time well spent. With parents advised to help their children stay as active as possible, tearing them away from their phones and tablets can seem nigh on impossible. 

But time...

Useful and Stylish Benches to Create a Perfect Garden

By edward.

Sloan Sons Bench

Your garden needs to be versatile – on one hand, it needs to be a safe space that accommodates children at play, but it is also the space where you can relax and enjoy the summer sun. It is often the venue for summer garden parties, complete with...

Top Tips for Looking After Your Garden Bench

By edward.


The garden bench is one of those things that is always there to support you. That is why we miss it when it breaks or is no longer usable. The not-so humble garden bench is a staple of the British garden, and even though a hardwood bench may not...

How to Pick the Perfect Garden Bench

By edward.

Summer Bench

The garden bench is the ideal addition to any garden. For this versatility alone, a garden bench is the most popular choice when it comes to garden furniture. That said, the choice between varieties of garden benches is more varied than it ever...

Why Your Garden Needs a Banana Chair

By edward.

Banana Chair Garden Benches 45

What is a Banana Chair?

Banana chairs are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the patio or decking areas in and around the home. They arrive fully constructed and are sometimes referred to as Halfmoon Banana Chairs because of the...