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Garden Benches

Whether you’re an enthusiast of a drink, the outdoors or a virtuous book, Sloane & Sons Garden Benches offer the ideal seating to enjoy all the pleasures the glorious British seasons have to bring.

Whatever your favourite month of the year, we have a spectacular range of garden benches consisting of the greatest products available anywhere in the UK. We’d be absolutely thrilled to help you get kitted out with a picture-perfect piece of teak furniture.

A Garden Bench for Every Taste

Take a look at our widespread range of beautifully crafted and intricately designed bench options. All available in an extensive scope of sizes, so you’re sure to find a bench that can rapidly enrich your outdoor space.

Time-tested Lutyens benches, the majestic Banana Bench and the intimate Couples Bench can all be found on our site. Combined with a variety of elegant and traditional seating, our product range is as close to unbeatable as possible.

Our competitive prices make luxury affordable. We offer high-quality seating at a price that doesn’t hurt your pocket. Here at Sloane & Sons, our garden benches are manufactured to the highest of standards.

Since 1989, we have made it our mission to ensure our customers receive the very finest garden benches, produced using carefully selected materials and expert craftsmanship.

As if that wasn’t enough, many of the products you will find on our website are available with a complimentary delivery service. If you place your order before 14:00pm, your items will be with you the very next day.

Teak Benches

Our teak benches are all produced using wood taken from sustainable sources. The materials used in our products come from ecologically managed sites in Indonesia and are fully supported by government schemes.

Every plant that is taken from source is replaced, making for a continuous replenishment. All teak used in production is traceable to its roots, with each of our pieces of furniture coming with a unique label and code to identify exactly where the wood has come from. In unison with the Tree 4 Trees website, you’ll be able to cross-reference your code and be safe in the knowledge that your bench has had no negative impact at any stage of its life.

Teak benches consist of arguably the most perfect wood for outdoor living. It has properties that other types of wood just can’t compare to. Weather resistance, including an almost complete immunity to rain and various climates and extremely tough durability means teak benches require absolutely no maintenance.

As an added bonus, teak takes on a naturally occurring, beautiful, silver hue over time. Of course, you don’t have to accept this if you’d rather keep the traditional wooden appearance. Simply treat your garden bench with teak oil and the original look will be preserved.

Superb for Any Occasion

Our team here at Sloane & Sons is committed to ensuring you get the absolute best. Whether you’re buying for yourself, treating a loved one or saying thanks to somebody special, you can rest assured you won’t be disappointed.

The perfect gift for somebody else, or even yourself, a garden bench from our collection delivers the ultimate in comfort and style. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary or retirement present, a time-lasting tribute to the life of a loved one, or simply a spot in the sunshine to enjoy the wonders of the world, your garden bench will be with you long into the future.

We appreciate the importance of ensuring your new bench is as protected as it can be. To that end, we use materials that support this. Teak is a durable wood, perfectly suited to the changing demands of the outdoor world.

On top of that, we offer a number of accessories for your garden bench including anchor kits, waterproof covers, cushions and teak protectors and patinizers. If you are purchasing seating for memorial reasons, we offer a plaque engraving service, too.

Ready to Help

Browse our incredible selection of teak garden benches today. Place an order and you could be looking at your seating, nestling flawlessly on your grass, as early as tomorrow.

We are always on hand to help with anything that might be troubling you. To speak to one of our friendly members of staff, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01283 576 812 or go through our Contact Us Page.